A day with the amazing Paula O’hara

I can not even begin to explain my excitement when Paula O’Hara put up a post on her face book page saying she was going to take Mentoring session this year….!! I’ve been there and done it and still can’t believe it!! (I was a little star struck I must admit!!)

I have loved Paula’s work from I started my career in photography back in 2007.  She inspired and encouraged me to start shooting with natural light and I have loved it ever since.

I am always trying to better my photography and business skills, so I can give the best I can for my clients.. this just came at a perfect time and has now given me a great boost to develop myself as an artist, and my style the way I want it to be.  I have always loved Paula’s way of telling a story through her images and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing her work, thoughts and life with myself and others like me.  We are truly blessed to have you there to help support us on this journey Paula x

On that day I landed at Paula’s with a warm welcome and to my delight….Tea & Muffins!!! She had her homework done on me!!! I had some homework to do for her too, I must admit it was a challenge but very worthwhile.  I had to answer questions I would not normally ask myself, about my work and life..this has helped me greatly in looking at my work in a different light to ultimately decide what route I needed to take.

Also a big Thank you to Lisa and John for being a part of this session, hats of to them for standing in the dreadful Irish Spring weather we are having so I could learn some new skills!! On that note I will leave you with a few images taken that day..


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