About Me

here’s a bit about me

Maybe you will get to know me a little before we even meet!!
I like to think of myself as an imaginative, inspired photographer with a passion for creating and capturing beautiful moments, in natural light.  Ooohh and I better add some random facts that you may not even need to know …here goes!!

Originally a country girl from Fermanagh, now living in the Magherafelt area, Strange love for scarfs (some might say, obsessed!).
I am addicted to pinterest. My favourite place is Culdaff beach.
I like to paint furniture and I eat way too much chocolate!!

Denise Leacock about me Photo

Denise leacock about me photo 2

I have enjoyed Art and design from a young age and always had a love for Photography

I studied Graphic, Product & Interactive Design to Degree Level at University and then when working in graphic design, it led me back to what I really wanted to do.

The final push to get back into photography was when my boyfriend (my lucky husband now!!) and I won a portrait shoot in a studio in Belfast, not thinking we would enjoy it at all… it was great fun and something every photographer should experience!!
When we came out of the shoot I said… ‘That is what I would love to do!!’ so that’s what I did…one of the best decisions I ever made!
I worked and trained with one of the top Photographers in the North of Ireland for 5 years as a Photographer and Digital Artist, concentrating on studio family portraits, so when a friend asked me would I do a wedding I was more than happy to…and so the story began!

Since having two little girls of my own

I have gained a greater love for ‘natural light’ photography by taking random shots of them everyday (and that’s a lot of photographs in 4 years!!)  Even though the girls have left me with a few more wrinkles, they sure do know how to make me laugh…..every single day!!

Every picture taken is so unique, capturing a memory for us to keep forever!  Wedding day loveliness, newborn wrinkles or some good old family tickles, they are all special times in our lives and should not to be missed!  I love seeing people as they are, documenting their true emotions and expressions, sweet smiles, laughter, cheekiness and little details that you might forget about on that day!

Have a look through my recent blogs, you will get a better feel for my style, and what goes on at a real wedding!

Denise Leacock and family

If you want to chat about your wedding or family portraits head over to my contact page and fill in the form

…. it’s as easy as that!!

Denise x