Heather and Simon // Drum Manor Engagement

Having a pre-wedding/engagement session can be a daunting thought for some people and I can totally understand their worries and concerns.  If you are in a fab location with a professional photographer with the time to just get to relax and enjoy yourselves, it is totally invaluable to your wedding photography experience!! I will stand back and say ‘I wish I had taken the time to have a trial run before our big day’ but alas this didn’t happen and I feel I would have benefited from it!  All of my Brides & Grooms come out feeling a lot more relaxed and excited for the big day after the pre-wedding session (unless they are all telling me porkies!!)

No different here with Heather and Simon.  Poor Heather was so worried and petrified that she was shaking. Thankfully as we started the shoot in the stunning Drum Manor Cookstown, she let me know these thoughts and feelings.  At lease I knew and could help and guild her to getting a stunning and relaxed set of engagement images that she can treasure in years to come…and most importantly, she enjoyed the session and when she seen her slideshow her exact words………

‘I absolutely love it, pics are fantastic.  Love Love Love them!!! Thank you so so much x’ Heather

This makes me so happy to hear, that I can make someones experience a little better… I am a talker, so don’t be afarid that you won’t know what to do… I will keep you right!!!


Thank you to Heather & Simon again for coming along and being fab!! Can not wait to have some fun again with them on Friday!!! Love my job!!


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