Lezley & Derek // Moyola Park Castledawson

lezleyDerekBlog_0077A brilliant day spent with two of the best.  I knew from Lezley’s first email that it was going to be a no fuss, relaxed sort of day,  and it was just that!  No bridal party, no speeches, just about 2 people getting married…I even had to force them to have a (kind-of) first dance – they were so laid back!!! I love the simple quiet weddings like this…they are my favourite, I get time to chat to people and be a part of their day too!  Lezley and Derek kept all very local to home from their ceremony to reception venue just a few miles apart.  Moyola Park and country estate was a perfect location for us to wander around and capture a few personal moments from their perfect wee day!! Reception venue was ‘The Inn’ only a few minutes away in Castledawson.

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Dress – Bramble Brides Trudy is brilliant she is great crack, so patience and knows what will suit you have gives an honest opinion. https://www.facebook.com/bramblebrides

Shoes – My heels were an ebay special and must have evening do flats were from primark

Accessories – Monsoon accessories for my hair piece and bracelets. My vial was my something borrowed from a kind friend

Suits – Derek decided to buy his suit from Tom Morrows in Cookstown. The guy in there was brilliant and kitted Derek out from head to toe, including altering his suit, great one stop shop. https://www.facebook.com/tom.morrow.121

Hair Makeup– As I didn’t have any bridesmaids I invited a few friends round that morning to have a bit of fun getting ready. We had wee Adelle Leacock doing a fantastic job of our hairs and the very talented Alana Johnston doing our makeups. Having everything done from the comfort of your own home just makes it so much more fun and relaxing. https://en-gb.facebook.com/adelle.leacock https://www.facebook.com/Beauty-Shack-608272462612504/timeline/

Flowers – We got our flowers done locally by Colin Little from Ballinderry who worked brilliantly with local seasonal flowers. Setup everything at the church and brought everything round to the hotel and setup everything there beautifully there aswell.

Photographer – What can I say… having a great photographer to capture everything moment of your day is brilliant, but having a photographer like Denise who offers a beautiful interpretation of your day in such a relaxed easy going way in priceless!

Cars – Cars Supplied by Wilson Cars Cullybackey. Great down to earth guys.

Cake – Our lovely cake was supplied by Bumble Bee bakes and it tasted every bit as good as it looked. https://www.facebook.com/Bumblebeebake?fref=ts

Venue – Lady Moyola allowed us access to her beautiful gardens, which are a real hidden treasure with the river and mature gardens its lovely setting. We had our reception at the Castledawson Inn where the guys done a really professional job of sorting everything out allowing the day to running smoothly. The talented chef provided a first class dinner and evening buffet and the team ensured that our every need was catered for, they even provided a complimentary room for Derek’s 90 year old grandmother who was very tired after her dinner.

‘My advice to others brides is to keep things simple and enjoy your day with family and friends’…. Lezley