twenty fifteen you were amazing


Twenty fifteen… what can I say! I have totally enjoyed you and you have made me a stronger person both in business and personally, I am ready to hit 2016 head on, I feel a lot stronger and more confident after several training courses last year and the support of the talented Paula O’Hara, you are an inspiration!!

My lovely clients // I have enjoyed working with each and everyone of you, from the brand spanking new couples to the ever growing families from the past few years, I truly work with the most amazing people!! Thank you all for choosing me to tell your stories, I am overwhelmed with the support you have given me and the kind words you spread,  it is your experience with me that keeps this ball rolling!!

Every year I do have to say a massive Thank you to everyone who helps me out.

My fab husband Ryan // who makes me tea constantly,  puts up with my lack of sleep moods and takes care of our girls when I’m sitting editing into the wee hours!!

My brilliant family on both sides // I could not do what I love doing without you all!!

My friends in work and my personal life// you are all amazing, even if it is only a phone call with us ranting for hours, it means so much to me!

Love you all x

Here are a few of my faves from 2015, I wish I could show everyone but you would be here all night! ………Enjoy!!!

Luvvvzzz Denise x
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