I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.

~ Louise L. Hay


I have been lying low on the social media and my poor blog lately as I have had other things on my mind out side of work that have taken up my time and thought pattern lately.  These two little smilers take up most of my time and love to hold me back from work,but sure that is motherhood and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I am thankful they are healthy and well enough to drive me crazy and make me smile every day!

Last August a close family member of mine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and  that hit myself and family like a brick, it was very hard to deal with and to absorb that this was happening to us, to him.  I delved into my work to keep my mind busy at the time and to stop myself from crying every 5 minutes, that worked for a while and the plus was that I was being productive.  But alas, the reality kicked in and I didn’t know how to handle my emotions and being away form everyone at home wasn’t helping things.  My appetite dropped, I had stomach and back problems, I was feeling very low and all this was affecting my own family life.   Thanks to my brilliant husband, family and friends we are working through this day by day.

One of my best friends has been training in meditation and has give me some very valuable advice which  helped me see things a little clearer.  She introduced me to Louise Hay a positive thinker that cured herself from cancer by retraining her mind and her thoughts.  Since reading her book ‘You can heal your life’ and being a little more thankful for the life that I have I am slowly growing into a better person.   If you think you are going to have a bad day well the odds are you will do, as your mind makes you believe it!  If you flip the coin and wake up believing your day is going to be great and nothing is going to get you down, then that is when you create a good day!!

Since the start of lent I have been ‘Thankful’ every day rather than trying to give something up (as I am useless when it comes to giving stuff up!) This forces me to think of even the little things in my life that make my day better, rather than looking at the negatives that can potentially spoil my day!

I believe every thing always happens for a reason and  everything in our lives good or bad is just sent to teach us and help us grow.  One of my fave’ Thankful’days was when the girls were crafting and decided to cover themselves and the kitchen table in glitter glue (when I wasn’t watching as usual!) Well if any of you know me at all you will be aware that I hate glitter of any kind..So this was like a nightmare for me!! Managed to get cleaned up and them into the shower, while I was in a foul mood Lily managed to draw a picture of me for Mother’s day and said she loved me and then they sang me a wee random song that they made up!!

SO every cloud has its silver lining we just need to look harder for it when we have them bad days!!


No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each day and be thankful.  Someone, somewhere is fighting to survive!

Denise x