I'm a Wedding, Lifestyle & Personal Branding Photographer based in Northern Ireland, I like to think of myself as an imaginative photographer with a passion for documenting beautiful moments, in natural light.. Just as it happens!!  

Originally a Fermanagh girl, until I met the better half (well we all know that's really me!!) Our story is a simple one...We met at college, fell in love, got married, have 3 babies and a dog!! Lily, Chloe and Jake are my greatest achievement, motherhood has taught me many lessons, always enjoy the little things in life because one day they will be the big things!!

I have always loved photography, it makes my heart happy capturing memories, I know that sounds really cheesy but I have learnt the hard way, when you loose someone dear to you, all you have left are your memories and through time they fade, you forget what people look like and what their voices sound like, photographs are what we cling on too, they are all we have!

Since moving further North I finally got to live closer to the coast, I love the sea air and the calmness of the ocean waves, it is pure bliss. One day I will retire there..That's the dream!! In the mean time I will settle for as much work at the beach as I can so if you love it as much as me then hit that contact button and I will meet you there!!

I try to be as intrusive as I can no matter the subject, if it is your wedding day, your first family portraits or even behind the scenes or your business. You need to be as natural and true to yourselves as you are normally, giving you the images that you smile at every time you see them hanging on your walls or on your website! Well that is what I do and I aim to make you feel that way about yours, so no stiff poses just giggles and plenty of fun!

what couples say...

what couples say...

“Denise was more than just a photographer on our wedding day, she was a complete hero! Her work is simply amazing and I will be forever grateful for everything she did for us in the lead up to our wedding and also on the day itself.
I cannot recommend Denise enough, every bit of her work is simply perfection.”