Hi, I'm Denise

I'm a creative Wedding and Brand Photographer based right here in rural Northern Ireland.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Co. Fermanagh, went to University in Derry, where I studied Graphic Design and met my husband, Ryan. We fell in love, got married, had three babies and later added a dog to the chaos! Lily, Chloe and Jake are my greatest achievements and motherhood has taught me many lessons.

I can't wait to work with you, and for you to see yourself through my lens.

“Joy for me comes in the shape of a beach, autumn time in fluffy jumpers, hats and scarfs, a warm fire, a movie with endless cups of tea! Oh and plenty of chocolate!”


My aim is to provide stylish and desirable photography for inspiring, innovative and passionate creative thinkers like you.

My approach is down to earth and relatable, which not only puts you at ease in front of the lens, but also allows me to generate powerful images and memories, giving you a sense of pride, passion and confidence in yourself.

I have always loved photography. It makes my heart happy capturing your memories and moments. Photographs are ever-lasting. We have all experienced loss at some stage in our lives, so when memories fade, photographs are what we cling to. They truly are such a powerful and emotional tool in our lives.



For the couples who are about to get married I’m there to celebrate with you, about you and take away any worries you may have. I’m there to create powerful memories in the haze of the day, that you will cherish forever. I try to be as unobtrusive as I can, create natural and authentic smiles - so there’s no stiff poses, just some giggles and plenty of fun.


For businesses, it's showing you've made it or at least you are on the road there! The risks you've taken have been worth it. You are standing on your own two feet, living authentically and sustainably from your passion. I’m there to put you at ease and showcase you in the best light. I will keep you focused on your goal, while delivering the style and sophistication you desire.

Denise leacock photography believes in creativity, style, authenticity and confidence for all.

What customers say...

What customers say...

“Denise was more than just a photographer on our wedding day, she was a complete hero! Her work is simply amazing and I will be forever grateful for everything she did for us in the lead up to our wedding and also on the day itself. I cannot recommend Denise enough, every bit of her work is simply perfection.”

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