The beginning of your story...

Exciting times ahead!!... If you are just engaged or mid way through your planning, I am so excited you are here and ready to book your photographer. It is really important you firstly love your photographers work and style, but more importantly, you get along with your photographer!! We are together for up to 12 hours on the day, with short breaks from each other, so you need to trust and enjoy working with your photographer so you have the best experience on the big day!

I feel so strongly about this, that I include a pre-wedding session with all wedding bookings. This way we can get to know each other better on a one to one, with a chat and a few photos along the way!! My intentions are to eliminate all worries and anxieties you may have on the build up to your wedding day, photography or wedding related. The majority of the time this is the first time you will be professionally photographed, so if you are not in the modeling industry, naturally you will have your worries!!

I am here to help..just ask!!

Few of my recent weddings

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