Have you ever heard the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words'? In order to connect with your ideal clients you must grab their attention with high quality visuals. It only takes 3 seconds for someone to loose interest and scroll on, Here are 5 reasons why your photos need to stand out online.

1.      To build your brand – Your brand is not just a logo. It consists of many other elements such as a colour palette, the design, imagery and how you communicate with your audience. It’s the complete package, if you like. By creating images that focus on what your business is about and how you can help or serve your audience, this allows them to remember you visually.

2.      To show case your products or services – This is one of the obvious reasons for good photography online. If you do not have good images of your products or service, and your competitors do, then they will get snapped up before you. You have to captivate your audience, so they stop in their scroll and look at what you have to offer them.

3.      To build your tribe - If you continually gain new customers you are building your tribe. Rather than selling to them, you involve them in your business like friends, A loyal group of customers who continually buy from you or enjoy the service you provide, are like gold dust. Keep them interested with eye catching images that link them to advice, special offers or even a freebie for their loyalty. They love you and your brand for a reason, they spread positivity and talk about your business as if it were their own. Great imagery keeps everyone visually interested, even if it is only a like or a share to get your name and brand out there is a positive. 

4.      To show off YOU – if you are a small business and you want to get your name and face out there, you must have good photos of yourself. Not many I know like getting their photo taken if they are the face of the brand, but it is essential to show your audience who the creator is and why you feel your product or service is the best in the land! Your audience will connect with you better if you show a little of you and your personality. They need to connect on a personal level to gain trust before handing over their hard earned cash. If they don’t know who you are they may be discouraged.

5.      To give a professional image – Many small business owners are so busy concentrating on spending time creating and perfecting their product or service, that they forget to showcase it to its full potential. All your hours may be wasted if the photos are not at their best. Good photography will bring your website and social media platforms alive, Boosting your online presence and reaching more potential clients. If your business has striking, impactful imagery then you come across as more professional – someone who is worth every penny!


Designer & Manufacture of Practical, Everyday high end fashion, with the aim to give women the benefits of a bag but also the aesthetic appearance all at the same time. 

ALL Simply E Bag Wear is manufactured by me in my local home town of Co. Armagh. 

Each Simply E Bag is manufactured using a mixture of 100% Vegetable, Waxed or Chrome Tanned Leather sourced both locally and within the United Kingdom. 

Our aim is to take our Traditional Leather heritage and Educated skills in Woven Textile Design to manufacture contemporary high end Bag wear that cant be bought on the High street!




“Denise was able to help me focus in and capture my brand image and story from the beginning, asking me what was important to me and what message I wanted to get across to my customers?

From these simple questions Simply E Designs identity was born, style and authenticity became the focus point and branding message.

Her skilful photography captures my authentic leather bag brand at another level. I have grew to be the business women I am and Simply E Designs is thriving everyday!”