images are powerful

If you are a business owner you will have a fair idea that good visuals make a big impact on your customer, It can be your shop window, your website or your social media platforms. Quite a lot of business owners I know and have worked with, use what is called ‘stock imagery’ this is where you can buy images related to your business. These can be an affordable way to start out. But sadly, they can be quite generic and the business down the street could be using them too!

Brand photography on the other hand, takes your business to the next level. Showing your brand identity across all your visual assets. It is unique to you and your specialised business.  Brand photography is the gallery of bespoke images created by business owner and photographer, therefore no one else will have the same. These images can be used for any form of advertising, from social media to full scale advertising boards.


Photographers differ no matter what they specialise in.  I love capturing the ‘behind-the-scenes of your business, telling your story. So I tend to keep images as true to form as possible, I use as much natural light as I can, only in some cases I will use a flash, where lighting is poor. As I specialise in creatives and makers my shot list normally includes, product photos, headshots (formal and informal), and process shots for social media and blogs.

Getting a professional brand photographer means that you’ll get a selection of unique pictures, tailored to your business needs. They can help you shape that image library to the styles, settings, and even colours that suit your brand, giving a cohesive look across your online platforms.  Having the right photos makes such a huge impact, as it sets the tone and character of your whole business offering.

Are you sophisticated and stylish? Professional and accomplished? Approachable and affordable? Your pictures can make it clear without anyone having to read a single word! Find a brand photographer that connects to your business and I promise it will be worth every penny.

Are you ready to uplevel?

Images created for - BORN & RAISED WAFFLES



“We’ve been blown away by the images created by Denise for our business. Denise tells our story in a way we struggled to with words. Her work highlights the beauty & uniqueness of you with her attention to detail. She leads with creativity & passion for what she does. We’ve been so encouraged not just by her excitement for our collaboration but her continued support for our business. We’re grateful for this talented lady with a big heart!”