What a year!

I have had an amazing year and for some reason or another some beautiful people have crossed paths with me and became part of my journey. I have been over whelmed with the support and generosity and just true kindness from the clients (I hate using that word...!) I mean friends that I have worked with in the past year.

I have learnt to laugh even harder than I normally do, I have learnt how to cry (which I thought I only could do when I stood on a logo!). This must be what it feels like to be a proper grown up! I have learnt that if I push myself hard enough I can achieve what I have only dreamed of over the years. A life I love to live! I am getting closer to where I want to be and it is thanks to you for spreading the good word that I'm a photographer who loves what I do and it shines through in my work.

I have also worked with some totally amazing and talented people, who I have seen grow their businesses along side me. This year has been the best for creativity and couples doing it 'the way they want' which as designers challenges us to think outside the box and keeps us on our toes!

just a few highlights 2017. Enjoy.

Denise x