Wedding Photography is one of the biggest, (and in my eyes) the best investments you'll make on your wedding day. So, it's important to think carefully and choose one whose work you love, and will still love in years to come. Consider someone who you feel is the right fit for you both as a couple: and for your wedding style.

After the cake is eaten, the dress is packed away and the honeymoon is over, along with the video, two rings, and your marriage certificate, your memories are all you have after all the hard work and planning is over. It is so very important to get the right photographer to capture these memories for you.

Here are some tips (this is as much for my benefit as yours, if you pick the correct photographer for you then it is a win,win experience for us both!)


There are many different styles of photographer, fine art (like what you would see in fashion magazine editorials), documentary (candid, capturing the day as it happens- that’s me!), traditional, modern, etc. It doesn't matter if you don't know what style you're looking for, you just have to like their work!

Try to look at the photographers full portfolio, rather than the images on the homepage as they my just be a selected few they love. Portfolios and blogs will show a full wedding and will give a better view of a typical wedding day. Try to imagine yourselves in the photos and if you like what you see and feel; then you are on to a winner.


Wedding Photography and videography are an investment, so do not cut corners, I have heard of a few horror stories of couples asking friends with a ‘good camera’ to shoot a wedding and being seriously disappointed. It is a stressful job, and a professional is needed to give you confidence that the job will be done right.

Narrow your list to 2 or 3 you love; first, contact them to see if they are available on your date, this will cut out any time wasted for you in the process if they are not available. 

The best way to get most photographers is via their website or email. Social media messages can get lost in the crowd so best contact direct. 

Your wedding might last a day or a weekend, but remember you'll have these photographs forever. They will be on the walls of your home, so it makes sense to assign a significant portion of your overall budget to photography. For most couples, this tends to be between 8 and 15% of the total budget. So, you need to do your homework and see what amount you can put aside for the photographer you love.

Remember you're not just paying for a photographer's time on the day, but the hours of editing after your wedding, along with their talent, extensive experience, and the (extremely expensive!) equipment. This is why there is no set price for a wedding photographer, we all have different experiences and talents. But thankfully there is always a photographer to suit all budgets so find the best one for you.


In my experience, most couples do not realise how much time they will actually spend with me on the day! This is why I like to build up a relationship with you by meeting before the wedding for a pre-wedding shoot. (Not all photographers do this so it is good to meet at some point) This lets us get to know each other and it settles nerves and awkwardness before the day. I can also do a zoom call or meet for a coffee if you prefer to meet even before that session. It puts you at ease knowing me and how I work before the big day; you get to know me and realise that I am not that scary! You can call or email me any wedding-related questions or worries you may have, as I have been to quite a few weddings. You are planning a massive event that you more than likely, do not have experience in doing.

Remember, we are here to keep you calm and give you confidence on the day, through professionalism and some giggles!


Once you have settled on a photographer, you must look over their contract and know exactly what you are getting after the wedding is over. If you require a second shooter, extra time, or a wedding album, all these must be discussed as these may be an additional cost. Read the photographers contract so you are aware of the requirements for both you the couple and the photographer; payment schedule and when you will receive your photos etc. Any queries ask before paying your deposit, so everyone is happy before the booking.