targeting with your brand

Having a niche market is often considered advantageous for a brand for several reasons. A niche market means you have to be specific with a specific segment of the market, and your brand targets it with your products or services. I know it can be scary but your tribe is out there and when they hear about you and know you can provide for the directly, it is worth the risk. Here are some reasons why having a niche market can contribute to a brand being the best.


By targeting a niche market, a brand can focus on a specific set of customer needs. This allows the brand to specialise in the unique requirements of that niche, leading to better product or service development. Like myself, I focus on helping creative brands and help them build their online presence. I only advertise to this niche.

Understanding Customer Needs

A brand that caters to a niche market can develop a deep understanding of their needs and desires of its target audience. This enables the brand to tailor its offerings more precisely, providing solutions that resonate with the niche consumers. For example: Francine Young skincare targets an specific age group of woman that want to use pure organic products for aging, hormonal skin. Her images reflect this with, her natural ingredients and models of the appropriate age. The copy on her website explains it all. but the hook is in the images.

Reduced Competition

Niche markets are often less crowded than broader markets, meaning there is typically less competition. This allows a brand to establish itself as a leader within that specific segment, making it easier to be perceived as the best in that niche.

Brand Loyalty

A brand that effectively caters to a niche market can build strong relationships with its customers. When a brand consistently meets the unique requirements of its niche audience, it creates loyalty and repeat business, contributing to long-term success. Francine has build up a thriving business, that she explains is not only a skincare regime but a lifestyle change. This is reflected in her repeat custom and excellent reviews.


Satisfied customers within a niche market are more likely to engage in word-of-mouth marketing. With positive recommendations this can contribute to the brand's reputation as the best within that niche. I have witnessed this first hand, with my clients. Giving recommendations to their fellow business friends and even businesses in the same field.

Ability to Charge Premium Prices

Brands that specialise in a niche market and offer unique products or services can have the opportunity to charge premium prices. Customers within the niche are often willing to pay more for solutions that specifically meet their needs. With less competition in that niche area there is more scope for a price increase.

Effective Marketing

Targeting a niche allows for more cost-effective and targeted marketing efforts. Instead of casting a wide net, a brand can focus its marketing messages on a specific audience, increasing the effectiveness of its advertising.

I hope this helps explain why a niche market can be an advantage. I am so pleased I took the decision to only work with creative businesses when I started the brand photography, because I only attract the clients that I want to work with. I believe I produce the best work as I love this industry and want to help these brands stand out in their field!