who are your people?

If you're at a point where your business needs shaping up, I heavily encourage you to take time to figure out who your ideal client is. Most new business owners have trouble determining their ideal customer.

For some reason, this seems to be one of the hardest things to do for a lot of the new business owners I work with. They tend to avoid narrowing down an ideal customer base because they think that they're narrowing their exposure by doing so. I even struggled with this myself when moving over to brand photography, but having to niche down has benefited my business and my time is spent talking to potential clients, rather than everyone. Narrowing your customer base to a smaller demographic may seem counterintuitive, it greatly increases your brand's exposure.

Once you identify your ideal customer, then everything else can fall into place. Stop fighting it, and do it. This will help you plan out your marketing and reach the customers who will actually enjoy what your business offers.


1. Where does your client live? (Big city, small town, rural area…name the city, get specific.)

2. How old is your client? Marital status?

3. What are their favourite brands? Who do they follow on socials?

4. How much does your client earn a year?

5. What are your client's hobbies? How does he/she spend their time? Where do they holiday?

6. What does their working day look like?

I asked myself over 25 questions to help me create me Ideal Client Profile, so I encourage you to really get to know the person who you're perfectly suited to service.

Pull all of your information together to describe your ideal customer, write a paragraph about them, even give them a name, know them inside out.

When you use this information to then talk to your ideal client online, in posts, blogs, socials etc then you are directly solving their problem, making life better for them, helping to educate them etc.

Remember, you're uniquely qualified to work with certain people, so identify them, talk to them, and close the deal.