You won't want to forget

As any couple knows that is planning a wedding, there is soooo much involved! You can keep it as simple or as fancy and detailed as you want, as long as it is meaningful to you or in keeping with your theme.

The obvious details like your shoes, jewellery and your dress are the things you will remember afterwards, but how much of the rest of your big day will you remember in 5, 10 or 50 years time, when you want to show your photos to your grandchildren?

I do my very best to get to know you as a couple before the big day (at your pre-wedding shoot) so I know what is really important to you. If it is your Granda's watch you are wearing or your sisters's veil, I will do my very best to capture them and preserve that memory for you. Or if it is your best man who flew from the other side of the world for your big day, then the shot won't be missed!

Here are a few of my detailed shots to show you, I could tell you a story about them all.

“A memory or cake table at your receiption is a great place to display your pre-wedding images, all linking in with your theme. These table sometimes have selfie cameras for a guest book or a creative table plan.”

I hate to miss the 'dress' shot.

I love seeing the bride getting zipped into the dress! Often it is a really emotional moment as it actually hits at this stage that they are actually getting married within the next hour or so. The details on the dress are not to be missed either. It is a lovely reminder of how stunning your dress was up close.

Prepare yourself, as sometimes I end up putting you into your dress, or putting the buckle on your shoes as I will probably be the only one that can bend down or not have their nails all fancy. I am the spare bridesmaid!