Why I choose to photograph weddings with this particular style and approach.

A documentary wedding photographer has an observational and unobtrusive approach to photographing a wedding.

We are married 10 years and I love our wedding photographs, but I preferred the more casual and relaxed ones to the posed ones. This is how I felt as a bride flicking through nearly 500 photographs to pick 100 for my album. I have been there, I understand you want the images in your album that give you all the feels! Bringing you right back to that moment in time when you were about to walk up that aisle with the butterfly's in your tummy, to the excitement of walking back down it again as a newly married couple. These images of the day flowing as it should be are the best ones, capture the emotions and moments you don't want to forget.

All photographers are different, they capture what they see through their eyes and knowing what is important to the couple. If it is portrait images only that is important to you, like on the edge of a cliff or up a mountain, then choose a photographer that devotes their time to you both as a couple to do this. If it is a more traditional style that you prefer, then choose someone who has a traditional style and portfolio. Do your research as it is an investment you need to be 100% sure about.

I describe myself as a visual story teller, I document your day as it happens (with a little direction and giggles when needed!). I know as a bride myself, I didn't like getting my photograph taken, never mind getting all sloppy and kissing in front of my bridal party! Off course that is not going to look natural or make you feel relaxed. I purposely get to know you both long before your big day, normally over a coffee and a chat to get to know you both, before I stick a camera in your face.

Sometimes our first meeting is at the pre-wedding shoot. I do this shoot intentionally as part of my package. It has proven over the years that when a couple has a trial run and a practice with just them and me, it eases the nerves for the wedding day. I have been told this by every couple! So if you try to get out of it, I would advise it even more, especially the grooms as they normally don't know what to expect when they meet the photographer. I am pretty easy going, so don't worry, it's only a wee walk, a chat and I take some photos of you along the way. So on the day I get the bridal party for some portraits at your location or venue and let them head off so you can be on your own for 15 minutes for your couple time, giving you both time to take in that you've just got married!!

Looking at your wedding photos should take you right back to the day, as if you were standing once again in the middle of it all. The laughs, the tears, the hugs and the best party you have ever been to! Great documentary wedding photographers take more than just photos, they capture the atmosphere and the genuine natural beauty of your unique and special day, whilst letting you enjoy the greatest day of your lives with your friends and family.

Yes, I photograph everything that you have poured your heart and soul into, your decor, your dress, your little details that only you might know about, like your grannies earrings or the veil that borrowed from your best friend. Only you might know about these, but they are important to you so they are important to me. Family portraits are the only photos that are traditionally documented as it is usually the Mummy and Granny that hang them on their walls, so everyone should be looking straight ahead!! Your wedding day might just last twelve hours but your photos will last a life time which is why it’s so important to make sure they are a true representation of the day.