a little rain never hurt anyone

So many couples ask me this at their initial chat with me so I thought I would blog what I tell them.

If it rains on a wedding day, it can be a bit challenging, but with some creativity and flexibility, you can still capture beautiful and unique photos. With over 10 years photographing weddings, I have got some of the most gorgeous photos on the worst days, storms, torrential rain and flooding, But you have to remember it is the one thing you can not control, you will be fine. Here are some tips, advice and some photos in the rain, to ease your mind.

Embrace it! Rain can add a romantic and intimate atmosphere to your photos. Instead of trying to avoid it, embrace the weather and let it become a part of your wedding story. Elegant umbrellas can add a touch of charm to your photos. Consider bringing matching or complementary umbrellas for your bridal party. Clear umbrellas are a popular choice as they allow light to pass through and won't obstruct the view.

Believe it or not the images about were all taken when it was raining, it only takes a few minutes to capture a bridal party, get them out and have some fun! I love finding little areas that are sheltered for my couples, under trees, in archways, or even inside looking out. (I get wet but you don't!)

Plan indoor photo locations, if the rain is too heavy, we can move some of the photos indoors. This could be at the venue, a nearby museum, or any aesthetically pleasing indoor space.

Trust your photographer

Experienced wedding photographers are used to dealing with various weather conditions. Trust their creativity and expertise in capturing stunning photos, rain or shine. Romantic rain shots can be gorgeous, Don't be afraid to venture out into the rain for some shots of you both. I will always ask the couple to go out even for 10 minutes, it pays off in the end!

Prepare to fail, fail to prepare! Bring umbrellas and towels if it is forecasting rain, better looking at them than for them, Have some towels on hand to dry off surfaces and keep you all as comfortable as possible. Additionally, consider having stylish rain boots and jackets to wear during the photo session.

A positive attitude goes a long way. Remember that your wedding day is about celebrating love, and rain can be seen as a symbol of good luck and a fresh start.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to focus on the love and joy of the day. Rain can create a unique and memorable backdrop for your wedding photos, so make the most of it! Like Eimear and Matt's wedding below, on Portstewart strand. Out door weddings can be a challenge but if you have back up and covered areas for your guests then you make the most of it, and they sure did, it was the best day! (I got drenched twice but loved every minute! The joys of the unpredictable North coast weather)