1. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like You

If you're strictly a T-shirt and jeans kind of couple, now's not the time to pull out a suit and the high heels. You should feel comfortable in the outfits you choose. You should still look like yourselves, but at your best. Wardrobe choices that are extremely outside your comfort zone will make you look and feel awkward in photos.

2. Complement Each Other, But Don't Match

Complementing your partners look is one thing, but "matching outfits and patterned prints aren't ideal for portrait sessions. When deciding how you and your partner will dress, look for complementary colours and solid prints. Try to stay away from anything too busy as it can be an unnecessary distraction in photos. 

3. Choose Pastels, Cool Colours, and Neutral Tones

You'll want to avoid anything neon, orange is the least photogenic colour to shoot. Bright red is a colour your eye is drawn to immediately taking away from you as a couple in the photos, You don't necessarily want your shirt or skirt to be the focus of your photograph. You want your faces and the love between you to stand out. Wearing pastels, or neutrals, then adding a bold accent with your accessories if you want.

 4. Incorporate at Least One Accessory

Accessories, such as a scarf or chunky necklace, can lend oomph to any couple shoot. Wearing layers of clothing for the guys, are two things that photograph well because it adds more visual interest to their looks and, as a result, to the images.

5. Opt for Classic Rather Than Trendy Looks

I always try to recommend looks that will remain timeless, rather than outfits that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road. Denims, jeans, white shirts or dresses etc, will never date.