I love to photograph couples ahead of their wedding day! It really is a great way for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera, because let’s face it, most of us tense up when a camera is pointed our way. So I walk my couples through the process to help them feel relaxed, give them a few tips on their posture, and most importantly, make the experience fun! It is a chance for us all to meet and chat, as we have to be comfortable with each other, as I am with you for the majority of the day. 

My pre-wedding shoot consists of a 30 minute walk and chat, I get an update on the wedding and how the plans are coming on and you both get a trial run at the photos. Don’t panic a lot of it is documentary and I talk you through some poses I will do on the big day. Locations can be the beach, forest, park or your home. Where ever is important to you, some couples go back to where they got engaged to mark the occasion.  All images are yours to print or use on the wedding day at the reception, if needed.