it hasn't all been bad!

What a year! 2020, for most of us, and most in the wedding industry has been seriously hit but the current pandemic. Back in March I think I had a mini meltdown to say the least. I really wasn't sure how I could serve my couples in all this madness. I supported them as best I could and helped where possible, I felt more for them than my own loss of income. I would manage and I knew that!

Thankfully many moved to a different date and we are to have the best days to come! For others, they stood it out to the bitter end, and continues with their day no matter wha. Hats off to you all. Neither decisions were not easy, but stay strong in the knowing it will all work out in the end!

Here is a little snippet of those who managed to get the day, strange as it was with masks, sanitiser and separations, we had laughs and fun along the way. Thanks for having me along with you on the journey. It is defiantly a story to tell the grand children!

Happy and peaceful 2021 to you all.

Denise x

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